I always found amusing that ‘I’ in English, as for ‘me’ has to be written with a capital ‘i’, almost stating some form of self-importance or dominating nature; where, I often hear that it is ‘rude’ or ‘inappropriate’ to blow one’s own trumpet (see Cultural differences article).

From my personal cultural experience in England, as a French native, I’ve never quite understood the concern – sometimes obsessive-  most people seem to have, here, around appearing ‘pretentious’. Why repressing what is worth celebrating? If one is good at something I believe they should unapologetically embrace it. If your entourage feels belittled as a result, well…it is their own personal issues, not yours.

Acting understated in the name of courtesy is, to me, a lack of transparency towards others but also towards oneself…

…So why that ‘I’ should be standing so high among other letters on paper, if, concealed, sometimes denied, in public..?

Interesting paradox…


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