Interests and Talents

My chosen angle of discussion, when it comes to what we call ‘talents’ and ‘natural skills’, is the idea that, what might be deemed or perceived as such can sometimes have something to do with actual interests one has.

The following thought springs to mind: we cannot excel at what we don’t like.

Would then what we call a ‘natural skill’ be a combination of innate capacity and interest?

Can someone be excellent at something regardless of whether they want to explore it further and apply it…or not? Can excellence be innate?

Is ‘genius’, the happy coincidence between a natural ability meeting the willingness to put it into practice?

Is what we call a ‘gift’ a myth?

I can’t help thinking of what Einstein once said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”.

Are we then inclined to become good at the things we really love? Or rather, are we subconsciously inclined to love the things we are naturally good at?

I often see talents as a raw diamond that we either decide to cut and refine…or not.

Work, patience and perseverance play a massive part in excellence.

But the same way we can’t excel at what we do not like; curiosity and passion are, I believe, crucial, to excel in any discipline (considering that your environment and personal circumstances allow you to dedicate to what you like).




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