A journey


The first train is passing above our head and I open my eyes,


in the intoxication of the night;

drunk, still,

full of yourself,

sweating your fluids

in a cloud of pleasure and perversion,

anticipating the next ride.

Ongoing beats and rhythms,

echoing the moves of my hips

on your hard and silent self,

seem to celebrate the dance of the flesh.

And you are looking at me, quiet and wise,

amused, caring, daring,



contemplating my soul with the eyes of those who’ve seen it all;

watching me grow as you are teaching me life.

And I’m stepping inside your mind

and my soul lies on the curves of your imagination

in this surreal journey out of the time, out of the world.

Do we belong to this world running fast, so fast, above our head?

Will I ever catch the train you’re on?

None of this matters for now, for in a vacuum, we are,

reinventing what we are

until the first hours of the morning.





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