Spring is like an open window on dreams,

A fix of happiness running through my veins,

Filling me up with great hope and euphoria.

An exiting feeling of freedom, deep down my soul takes me to a new dimension, where I regenerate and rediscover a whole new ‘me’.

And my heart and my senses rejoice as the sun rises and as the heat and light increase.

When Spring springs, growth and rebirth apply to every thing.

Spring is that ephemeral journey to love and excellence;

To that place where, I’ve got the chance…to bloom and blossom

Like rosebuds do, again and again

Refreshing my soul

In the kingdom of Spring, in the kingdom of dreams;

Until the time comes to fall asleep again;

Only to wake up again, to more of the same.

When Spring springs, a perfume of hope knocks at the door of my soul

And my whole being begins to live and love again.


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